MAURO PELASCHIER: la vela pop, ma non solo...
"...I was stubborn enough to continue"
September, 25 - 2017
MAURO PELASCHIER: la vela pop, ma non solo...
An ordinary question, but one we have to ask: what is sailing for you?
"For me sailing is life. I started with wooden boats,
and followed it through to carbon and now I have gone back to wood, the best product for sailing."

How would you describe the wind?
"It is the reason you play, thanks to the wind I can still have fun."

Last year we saw you in your umpteenth Barcolana, the historic sailing regatta in the Gulf of Trieste: does it still excite you?
"I still find the Barcolana very exciting, first of all because it is good to go home, I’m from Monfalcone, close to Trieste. Then, because everyone meets up for this race. My first Barcolana was more than 40 years ago.
It is a unique, truly popular sailing event. And its date has proven to be a good one: the only free day was the second Sunday in October. So, everybody said, “Let’s go and do this last regatta before we take the boats out of the water at the end of the season.”
"I was lucky enough to be born into a family of great sailors..."
Do you take sailing with you when you are not at sea?
"No, away from sailing I am another person, I do different things, I devote my time to cooking!"

You’ve been sailing so long that it’s almost impossible to ask you about it. Have you any memories you’d like to share?
"Taking part in the Olympics was the most exciting thing I have ever done. We had had an unforgettable Barcolana, when we fished a youngster out of the sea near the buoy. There were no mobile phones then, we could see helicopters over the race, the coastguard, everyone was looking for him. When we got back on dry land and he hugged his parents it was very moving!"