Barcolana49: a record-breaking edition.
22 März 2018
Barcolana49: a record-breaking edition.
Furio and Gabriele Benussi’s Team Spirit of Portopiccolo triumphed over all the others. Slam has been its technical partner for two consecutive years.
A bright and clear Sunday with winds at 7-10 knots placed the two brothers, who are natives of Trieste, in the regatta Hall of Fame with a race that was completed in 1 hour, 12 minutes and 17 seconds.

Slam is proud to be part of an historical regatta like the Barcolana, one of the most exciting challenges on the international sailing league’s agenda. This year’s extraordinary number of participants was recognized as a new Guinness World Record.
The pride of being part of this event, a passion for the sea and the biggest popular festival in the world of sailing: a project that is most definitely remarkable and calls for the involvement of its hosting city…and so much more.

The best chosen by the best.
In fact, this race thrilled the hundreds of thousands of people who stood along Trieste’s seafront (known as the Rive) from the regatta’s preparatory stages to the end of the race. This most impressive observation point offered Furio Benussi at the helm and Gabriel as strategist as they superbly steered the yacht with canting keel at a phenomenal speed - added to the fact that the crew had less than a week to train. Their direct rival, Maxi Jena, came in second (for the tenth consecutive year) crossing the finish line 11 minutes later.

Among the teams wearing Slam technical garments: Ancilla Domini which came in tenth in the general classification with sailing legend Mauro Pelaschier at the helm of the Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano’s Farr80. Its twin, Anemos II, with Vasco Vascotto at the helm, fought hard to place 14th. Alessandro Linussi’s XTREME SAILING TEAM-UnipolSai placed second in the Racing category after a long battle with the other participating TP52 Class. The talented young 470 class athlete Alice Linussi was also on board.